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HacKPSU is a 24-hour Hackathon located in the heart of Pennsylvania at Penn State University. Home to hackers, designers, builders & makers, there is something for everyone in the Happy Valley. Come for one of over 25 incredible workshops ranging from machine to learning to beginners Python, the chance to network with top tech companies, or simply the opportunity to build something awesome.

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HackPSU is open to all persons above 18 years of age that are currenlly enrolled in College or University. You must bring a valid form of identification to be allowed into the event.  

Teams may be up to 5 people, and although being on a team is not required, it is strongly recommended.


HackPSU Team

HackPSU Team

HackPSU Sponsors

HackPSU Sponsors
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Judging Criteria

  • HackPSU Overall - Tech Challenge
  • Creativity
    Is the solution novel, original and not-obvious? How different is the design from current solutions? Does it approach the problem from an unusual or different perspective? How creative is the problem statement?
  • Technical Skill
    Was the solution technically challenging (Taking into account team size and measured relative to competition)? How intricate was the solution? Did the solution pose a challenge to the group?
  • Implementation
    Was the solution effective in addressing the problem? Was the solution easy to operate for the target demographic? Is the solution needlessly complex? Overall, is the solution viable in addressing the problem statement?
  • User Experience
    Is their solution easy to understand and use for their target audience? Was the interface (the way the user interacted with this solution e.g. screen , voice, hardware) suited for their target audience?
  • Presentation Skills
    How well could this group convey their ideas? Was their pitch convincing and engaging? If their project was very technical, were they able to talk about it in a simple manner? Were they able to answer any questions gracefully?